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My new website ‘By the Sea Home Dé‘, represents every thought process I envisioned thanks to George of Joyce Media. Being a Professional Interior Designer/Business Owner, my expectations are very high and demanding, and Joyce Media was able to present my Photos, Videos and Company Information with Spectacular results.
George is wonderful to work with, very creative and awesome in talent, which I truly appreciate!!! He will be continually updating my site every month with all of my new projects and videos.

George’s energy and persona is reflected in his work. His professional and prompt communication is so important and projected with every email.
The Site Statistic reports are so detailed, its amazing. George’s whole package of product, services and pricing are excellent.

I would recommend George and Joyce Media to anyone who knows and understands the importance of web business.

Susie DiGironimo
Interior Designer
By the Sea Home Décor. Com

In our search for an Internet presence it was imperative that the site conveyed the “look” of what our company was all about.  Being involved in an artistic medium as we are, I needed the site to breathe art and design.  What better way of selecting a web designer to convey those requisites than to view the portfolios of work designed by all the local companies to see what kind of work they created.  As an award-winning designer I knew what I was looking for and George’s work impressed me from the moment I saw it. And  even more importantly it has impressed our clients!  I can’t tell you how many positive comments that we have received since “going live”. Clients from all walks of life from the mom and pops to national cable TV executives in commercial advertising all said what a great and informative site we had, and that translates into sales.  Even our national trade magazines have contacted me to comment on how they were impressed with the site, as evidenced in a recent article on websites that had interviews with the both of us.  Your professionalism and expertise in the graphic arts along with your commitment to unsurpassed customer service made choosing your company one of the best and easiest decisions that I’ve ever had to make.  I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to have a web site done the right way. Thank you for everything that you have done for us and keep up the good work!
James R. Peterson, AICA
President, Peterson Monuments, Inc.
Egg Harbor City, NJ

The JerseyLite Candle team applauds the talents of JoyceMedia!  Their perceptiveness in understanding and then creating the layout that we want to present, has made it possible for our small company, to receive repeat orders from satisfied candle lovers throughout the United States!  JoyceMedia's patience with the continuous changes in our product offerings and related design variations has never once wavered.  They have proven to be invaluable for providing quick, professional service no matter when we call. We couldn't be more satisfied with their service, and would recommend them highly to anyone interested in web design or redesign.
Thank you, George and JoyceMedia!!!
The Team at JerseyLite Candle

Dear George,
I want to take a moment to tell you how pleased the Borough of Avalon, New Jersey is with JoyceMedia, and the services that your company provides.
We had no idea where to take our website until we communicated with you, and you offered excellent ideas. We made a promise to the community that Avalon’s website would be the best in Cape May County, and it is. The graphics are terrific, the website is very timely, and it gives Avalon residents and visitors a good reason to come back, and log on, several times a week.
What’s most pleasing to me is that the turnaround time to get information on the site is very quick. All I have to do is email you, and I know the work is done, often well under a 24 hour turnaround time. And, I was also pleased to learn that any idea I’ve suggested about the website can be done, from future work involving audio, video, graphics, and more.
We wanted a site in Avalon that was fun, sticky, and professional. JoyceMedia delivered when we redesigned the site this year, and JoyceMedia delivers each and every day whenever updates are needed, big or small.
I want to personally thank you for all of your hard work. The communications effort in Avalon has been made a whole lot better with the relationship between Avalon and JoyceMedia.
Scott Wahl
Public Information Officer
Avalon, New Jersey

JoyceMedia has constructed and maintained websites for my bands for the last 3 years or so.  Throughout this time we have been extremely satisfied with both the professionalism and customer service we have received from JoyceMedia.  Their design, service, updates, personal attention, fees and responsiveness has be exemplary.
When my band originally contacted JoyceMedia about constructing a website, the only ideas we had were regarding what type of information we wanted to display.  We left it up to them to design the layout and logos for the site.  In addition to designing incredibly professional logos for our bands name, their choice of colors, frames, link buttons and overall “feel” of the site matched the personality of our band and truly captured what we were about.

Our site needs to be updated consistently with pictures, videos, and scheduling updates.  I’m sure that these constant updates require more than the one-hour per month free update service that JoyceMedia provides, but never have they balked, or billed extra in providing these timely updates.

Communicating with JoyceMedia regarding site maintenance is always easy.  My relationship with them always leaves me feeling that I am viewed as more than just a customer.  The personal attention they provide to their customers is unmatched in today’s market and is one of the main reasons that they have a customer for life in my band.  They are always willing to work with me in regards to pricing and I always feel that we are getting more than our money’s worth!

If you are thinking about using JoyceMedia for your business you will not be disappointed!  In my opinion, they are one of the few businesses left that not only care about designing quality products for their customers, but also care about developing relationships as well!  Stop by our site anytime to see an example of their work.

Johnny Callan
Steamboat Annie


Dear George:
On behalf of DJ’s Painting, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service and dedication that we receive from Joyce Media. It was four years ago when we had decided that we were fed up with our webmaster and decided to start shopping around. We called and visited 6 different companies in the tri-state area and after visiting and talking with you, we felt you were the best in your field. You have not let us down! From production of our site with the use of so many different colors and things that just jump out and get your attention. To managing our emails and making sure everything is running smoothly from day to day.
We also use our website for our customers and employees to keep updated. Our employees travel on a daily basis and they use the site to see what customers they are in charge of and also who the other sales people in the office have for their accounts. Our customers use the site to get updated on job progress from time to time. We send you these updates on a daily basis and within an hour everything is getting taken care of.
With us being a national painting company we fully understand about getting what you pay for and with Joyce Media our expectations were not only met but exceeded. We attend 5 national conventions a year and I can honestly say that I have not been to a show yet and not had a person stop by our trade show booth and tell us how good our website looks and how easy it is to navigate. You designed our site so well that we actually made our trade show display match it!
Eric G Mason

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Dear George,
 It has taken me far too long to write this letter to you.  I want to thank you for your outstanding work in creating and hosting my website,  After our initial conversation, you did a fantastic job capturing the spirit I wanted my website to reflect.  Your work was punctual, professional and thoroughly price-friendly (couldn't find a "p" word for "extremely reasonable cost").  You made the process of ironing out the kinks before going live smooth and painless.  And since going live, the routine maintenance and monthly updates have proceeded like a dream.  I'm guessing you're tethered to your computer 24/7, because that's the way it seems with your rapid response time.  In addition to the creative aspects of the website, you've been extremely helpful relative to the technical side of things.  There's not a question I've had that you--or one of your outstanding technical team--haven't been able to answer for me.  You have helped establish my presence on the Internet in a professional and effective manner, and for all of your hard work, I am extremely grateful. 
WRITE NOW! Author Visits & Creative Writing Program

JoyceMedia has been great for us!
My employer has used JoyceMedia for web design, e-mail hosting, etc. for a couple of years, but we are a good-sized business, accustomed to paying for the best.  However, when my soccer association needed to out-source the web page, I knew who to ask first.
For a VERY reasonable price, we received a new web-site, soup to nuts, which is both more attractive, more functional, and, through the services of JoyceMedia, kept up to date easily, without the soccer association requiring any technical expertise.  George is also available to consult with us regarding enhancements on things like paying over the internet, on-line registration and other cutting-edge technologies for which other consultants charge much more.  We can be the best, for the most reasonable cost, and least amount of hassle.  The service from JoyceMedia has always been superior-personal and timely.
Overall, for our soccer association, which needs to communicate with literally thousands of people, JoyceMedia has been truly great.
Reynolds Dods
Vice President
Mainland United Soccer Association ships ice cream parties through out North America. That being said, The vital piece of our companies success depends on our web site. We needed a web site that was easy to navigate, along with the aesthetics, colors and graphics that would drive our customers to buy on line.
JoycMedia designed and implemented  our web site that meets and exceeds these needs. When challenges and changes surface, JoyceMedia is quick to respond and super knowledgeable when implementing ideas in a cost affective and efficient plan. I would highly recommend George Joyce and JoyceMedia for your web site services and needs.
Joe Masters, Owner

 I run a small 2 person physician consulting firm; JoyceMedia treats me like I have 100 employees, they are above all responsive. Receiving critical or better said constructive insight into my web site is a bonus.
Peter Leone, President
EDGE Professional Liability Services
Vice President, Scibal Associates
250 D Corporate Court
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
P:  908-222-2275
F:  908-222-2299

Association of New Jersey Recyclers
“Our website is the portal for our members and visitors to obtain information about recycling. It must be visually appealing, easy to navigate, easily and quickly updated and hold a lot of information. The development of the site and the annual maintenance charges must be reasonably priced.” These were the conditions that were presented to Joyce Media at our first meeting in 2000. Working with George, Joyce Media met and exceeded our conditions and developed for the Association of New Jersey Recyclers a website that our members and guests use as we envisioned. We recently upgraded the look of our website and at George’s suggestion incorporated new web technologies. We are pleased with our website and the service we receive from Joyce Media and would, and have, recommend them.
Dominick D'Altilio, President, ANJR

Three  years ago we started searching for a web designer to renovate our outdated website. Being a smaller company, we were shocked to see some of the prices that were given to us from other web designers. We came across George's ad in the phonebook and decided to give him a try. We have yet to regret it. Not only was he the most reasonable in development costs, but monthly fees as well. And he doesn't lack in customer service. Changes are made in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours), he is always accessible (either phone or email) and knowledgeable. If he can't give you the answer, he will either get it for you or point you in the right direction. We would highly recommend George to anyone!
AkPharma Inc.

If you are thinking of doing a website, george is the guy.  I know there a tons of website guys out there, but he has made it so easy and he has great creativity also.  His system is never down, and any requests that i have made, have been met promptly.  you get everything you pay for and more.  You should take advantage of the opportunity to use his services.  You will not be disappointed.
Joe Zrenda 
War at the Shore Baseball

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